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Important Payroll News and Trends you Need to Know - October 2018

By Kit Dickinson on October 09, 2018

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) has been in the headlines lately, with a focus on the evolving nature of labor laws and little-known details that..

Top 10 Most Valuable Time and Attendance & Payroll Articles of 2017

By Kit Dickinson on January 04, 2018

This has been a tremendous year for us at IDI. We’ve spent a lot of time visiting with our partners and worked with hundreds of your clients. We’ve..

​How to Get Big HCM Sales from Non-Profits Before 2018

By Kit Dickinson on December 05, 2017

If you're still coming into that final stretch to reach your HCM sales quotas before 2018 (or preparing your 2019 funnel), you might be surprised to..

3 Questions Every HCM Sales Rep Needs to Ask Manufacturers

By Kit Dickinson on October 24, 2017

If you're selling an HCM system to a manufacturing company, you could run into some unique challenges that you won't find in other industries. The..

3 Payroll Problems You Need to Solve for Project-Based Prospects

By Kit Dickinson on October 17, 2017


If you're trying to close a sale with a project-based company, you have a client with bigger problems than time-and-attendance. Project-based..

3 Legal Risks Construction Companies Take Each Pay Period

By Kit Dickinson on March 30, 2017

Messer Construction is a regional general contractor and commercial construction manager in several Midwest and Mid-Southern states. As a government..

Put Complex Union Pay Rules Behind You for Good

By Kit Dickinson on March 09, 2017

Union-based construction and manufacturing companies don’t have it easy when it comes to writing paychecks. Union rules have a major impact how..

End Your Painful Payroll Management [Infographic]

By Kit Dickinson on February 14, 2017

Managing payroll can be like trying to untie an impossible knot. Every pay period, you have to take data from multiple systems that don’t play well..

Make 401(k) Payroll Integration As Easy As a Single Click

By Kit Dickinson on February 07, 2017


It’s a major milestone when a business can offer its employees a 401(k) plan for the first time. You’re taking better care of your employees, keeping..

HCM System APIs: Selling Point or Hidden Cost?

By Kit Dickinson on January 10, 2017

Let’s say you’ve got a prospect who is thinking about purchasing your HCM solution. They’re close to buying, but the big hangup is their existing..