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November 04, 2015

IDI's Latest Solution Eliminates the Stress of Time Management

IDI's Latest Solution Eliminates the Stress of Time Management

By Kit Dickinson on November 04, 2015

Eliminate the stress of time management

Ann Arbor, MI, November 3, 2015—Integrated Design, Inc. (IDI) has released Quick Time Entry, a web-based application that helps make the employee time entry process quick, easy, and straightforward.

Quick Time Entry (QTE) is designed to simplify the process of entering employee hours and labor and pay codes each pay period. The solution provides an alternative time capture system for organizations that don’t need a full time-and-attendance application but spend a lot of time and effort gathering and managing paper or spreadsheet-based timesheets. It’s an easy-to-learn application that dramatically quickens the time entry and subsequent payroll process.

“We’re very excited to launch Quick Time Entry,” said Kit Dickinson, President of IDI. “Our partners and clients tell us that direct entry into a payroll grid can be cumbersome, and spreadsheets or paper timecards are too risky in this era of increased audits and employee disputes. Quick Time Entry is the right fit as a low-cost solution for organizations that depend on user-entered time across different projects.”

Quick Time Entry is designed for companies that have teams deployed at job sites or employees who work on similar projects each pay cycle. Organizations that benefit most from the application include construction or other field-based companies, as well as non-profits, consulting, engineering, home healthcare, staffing, and other project-based firms.

Quick Time Entry interfaces with an organization’s existing payroll and employee systems, and it can help manage different pay rate decisions based on company policies.

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