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September 07, 2016

Your 4-Step Guide to Closing More HCM Sales

Your 4-Step Guide to Closing More HCM Sales

By Kit Dickinson on September 07, 2016

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HCM sales reps are entering the traditional “selling season” to get companies signed up for January 2017 start dates. With the pending FLSA changes, now more than ever you need to demonstrate to an organization how your offering will help it improve operations and become compliant with constantly changing legislation.

Here are proven ways to leverage IDI to differentiate your HCM system. We’ve seen sales reps follow the steps below to gain more sales by telling a different and more compelling story than your competitors.

Step 1: Share Industry Videos

Share these IDI videos that speak to the industry-specific challenges your prospects are facing. Include simple questions in the email to uncover compliance risk and pain points:


Questions: Do you pay incentives to your employees based on their production? If so, how are you staying in compliance with FLSA?

Nonprofit/Grant-based Organizations:

Questions: How do you manage your employees’ earnings across grant and non-grant time? Are you concerned about the accuracy of your reports to funding sources?

Professional Services (project based companies):

Question: With the new FLSA law (effective 12/1/16), will you have overtime eligible employees that get paid commissions or bonuses?


Question: Do you work on projects that require you to pay prevailing wages or fringe rates and submit certified payroll reports?

Step 2: Contact IDI to Help Qualify the Opportunity

When you hear that any of the above situations are being managed manually or in spreadsheets—creating business inefficiencies and compliance risks—contact IDI to help you confirm the account’s needs. We can provide additional materials to demonstrate credibility and participate on conference calls to be the experts on industry challenges your prospect is experiencing.

Step 3: Present Pricing

IDI works with you to define the project costs and provide ordering instructions that you can give to the account. IDI’s fees typically include a one-time cost based on complexity of the client’s needs, along with an ongoing fee to cover technical support, hosting fees, and upgrades for the life of the relationship.

Step 4: Close the Deal

Once your client signs up, IDI works with your implementation team to partner with the client to get them set up and live.

You can realize the same success many other sales reps have achieved by following this proven recipe. Best of luck through year-end—looking forward to working with you to realize your sales goals!

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